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Kilkenny cats action addend affray altercation anagnorisis angle answer antilogarithm apologetics apologia apology architectonics architecture argumentation argumentum assertion atmosphere background barney base basis bicker bickering binomial blood feud brawl broil case casuistry cat-and-dog life catastrophe characteristic characterization claim coefficient color combat combination complement complication conflict congruence cons consideration constant contention contentiousness contest contestation continuity contrivance controversy cosine cotangent counterstatement cube cut and thrust debate decimal defence defense demurrer denial denominator denouement derivative design determinant development device difference differential disagreement discriminate disputation dispute dissension dividend divisor donnybrook donnybrook fair e elenchus embroilment enmity episode equation evidence exception exponent exponential fable factor falling action falling-out feud fight fighting fliting flyting formula foundation fracas fray function fuss gimmick ground hassle head hostility hubbub hurrah i ignoratio elenchi imbroglio incident increment index integral line litigation local color logic logomachy matrix matter minuend mood motif motive movement multiple multiplier mythos norm numerator objection open quarrel paper war parameter passage of arms peripeteia permutation pi plaidoyer plan plea pleading pleadings plot point polemic polemics polynomial position posture power proof proposition pros pros and cons quarrel quarreling quarrelsomeness quaternion quotient radical radix reason rebuttal reciprocal recognition refutation remainder reply response rhubarb riposte rising action root row rumpus scheme scrap scrapping secant secondary plot set-to sharp words sine slanging match slant snarl spat special demurrer special pleading squabble squabbling stance standpoint statement statement of defense story strife structure struggle subject subject matter submultiple subplot subtrahend summation summing up switch talking point tangent tensor testimony text thematic development theme thesis tiff tone topic tussle twist variable vector vendetta verbal engagement versine war war of words warfare wherefore why whyfor words wrangle wrangling


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