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1. (a.) Annexed or pertaining to some more important thing; accessory; incident; as, a right of way appurtenant to land or buildings.

2. (n.) Something which belongs or appertains to another thing; an appurtenance.

accedence acceptance access accessory accompaniment accretion accrual accruement accumulation acquiescence acquirement acquisition addenda addendum additament addition additive additory additum adjunct adjunction adjuvant advance advent affixation afflux affluxion agglutination aggrandizement agreement agreement in principle amplification annex annexation anointing anointment appanage appendage appendant appointment appreciation approach approaching appropinquation approximation appulse appurtenance appurtenant arrogation ascent assent assentation assignment assumption attachment attainment augment augmentation authorization ballooning bloating boom boost broadening buildup coda coming coming by coming near coming toward complement compliance concomitant concurrence consecration consent continuation corollary coronation crescendo delegation deputation development dragging down earnings edema election elevation empowerment enlargement enthronement expansion extension extrapolation fixture flood flowing toward forthcoming gain gaining general agreement getting getting hold of greatening growth gush hearty assent hike imminence inauguration increase increment induction inflation installation installment instatement investiture joining jump junction juxtaposition leap legitimate succession making moneygetting moneygrubbing moneymaking mounting multiplication nearing nearness obtainment obtention offshoot oncoming pendant placement prefixation procural procurance procuration procurement productiveness proliferation proximation raise reinforcement rise securement seizure side effect side issue snowballing spread succession suffixation superaddition superfetation superjunction superposition supplement supplementation support surge swelling tailpiece taking office taking over trover tumescence undergirding uniting up upping upsurge upswing uptrend upturn usurpation warm assent waxing welcome widening winning


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