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(n.) A total desertion or departure from one's faith, principles, or party; as, Julian's apostasy from Christianity\; An abandonment of what one has voluntarily professed;

Evangelicalism Protestantism Reform Zwinglianism about-face accommodation adaptation adjustment agreement to disagree alienation alteration amelioration atheism backsliding betrayal betterment bolt break breakaway change change of heart changeableness constructive change continuity conversion counter-culture crossing-over defection degeneration degenerative change dereliction deserter desertion deterioration deviation difference disaccord disagreement disapprobation disapproval discontinuity disloyalty disparity dissatisfaction dissension dissent dissentience dissidence divergence diversification diversion diversity dropping out faithlessness fall from grace falseness fitting flip-flop going over gradual change impiety impiousness improvement irreligion irreverence lapse lapse from grace melioration minority opinion mitigation modification modulation new theology nonagreement nonassent nonconcurrence nonconformity nonconsent opposition overthrow perfidy qualification radical change ratting re-creation realignment recidivation recidivism recreancy recusance recusancy redesign reform reformation rejection remaking renewal renunciation repudiation reshaping restructuring reversal revival revivification revolution schism secession shift sudden change switch tergiversation total change transition treacherousness treason turn turnabout turning traitor underground undutifulness upheaval variance variation variety violent change walkout withdrawal worsening


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