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ALGOL COBOL EDP FORTRAN a breath a continental a curse a damn a darn a hoot ace act actor aculeus acumination afterpiece allotment allowance alphabetic data alphanumeric code anchor watch angular data antagonist antihero arrest assembler atom auger back band backstrap bagatelle bauble bean bearing rein bellyband bibelot big end bigger half binary digit binary scale binary system bit part bite blinders blinds borer bowshot brake brass farthing breeching bridle brief span budget bug butt button byte caparison cast cavesson cent chain channel character chaser check checkrein cheekpiece chinband chip chock chunk cinch cipher clip clipping clog close quarters close range collar collop command pulses commands commission communication explosion communication theory compiler computer code computer language computer program constrain contingent control signals controlled quantity correcting signals countercheck crack crownband crumb crupper cue curb curb bit curio curtain curtain call curtain raiser cusp cut cutting dab damper data data retrieval data storage day shift deal decoding destiny digit divertimento divertissement dividend dogwatch dole dollop doorstop dot drag drag sail dram dribble driblet drift anchor drift sail drill drogue drop dwarf earreach earshot electronic data processing encoding end entropy epilogue equal share error error signals exode exodus expository scene farce farthing fat part fate feather feedback pulses feedback signals feeder fetter fig figure film data finale fleabite fleck flyspeck folderol fragment fribble frippery full time gag swivel gaud gewgaw gimcrack girth gob gobbet grain granule graveyard shift groat gunshot hackamore hair hair space hairbreadth hairsbreadth half half rations half time halfpenny halter halver hames hametugs handful harness headgear headstall heavy helping hero heroine hexadecimal system hill of beans hip straps hoke act hold back hold down hold in holdback hunk inch information information explosion information theory ingenue inhibit input data input quantity instant instructions interest interlude intermezzo intermission introduction iota jaquima jerk line jest joke jot kickshaw knickknack knickknackery lead lead role leading lady leading man leading woman lines little little bit little ways little while lobster trick lot lota lump machine language


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