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(a.) Doubtful or uncertain; having more than one meaning\; capable of being understood in either of two or more possible senses; equivocal; as, an ambiguous course; an ambiguous expression.

Greek to one agnostic amalgamated ambivalent amphibious amphibolic amphibological amphibolous antinomic beyond understanding blended capricious chancy changeable combined complex composite compound compounded confusable conglomerate cryptic dappled dicey double-faced doubtful doubting dubious eclectic enigmatic enigmatical equivocal equivocatory erratic fickle fifty-fifty fishy foggy half-and-half hesitant hesitating heterogeneous impenetrable inarticulate incalculable incognizable incoherent incomprehensible inconclusive indecisive indefinite indemonstrable indeterminate indiscriminate indistinct inscrutable intricate ironic irresolute jumbled many-sided medley mingled miscellaneous misleading misty mixed motley multifaceted multinational multiracial multivocal mysterious numinous obscure opaque oracular oxymoronic paradoxical past comprehension patchy pluralistic polysemantic polysemous problematic promiscuous puzzling questionable rambling scrambled self-contradictory skeptical suspect syncretic tenebrous thrown together touch-and-go unaccountable uncertain unclear unconfirmable unconnected unconvinced undefined undependable undivinable unfathomable unforeseeable unintelligible unknowable unpersuaded unpredictable unprovable unreliable unsearchable unsettled unsure unverifiable vague variable varied wavering whimsical


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