(adv.) Without sympathy or desire to associate with others\.

Laodicean Olympian above above all that abovestairs airward alienated aloft alone antisocial apart apathetic arrogant at a distance away backward bashful benumbed blah blank blase bored broken careless casual chilled chilly cold comatose companionless constrained cool desensitized detached disconnected discontinuous discreet discrete disdainful disinterested distant distantly dull exclusive expressionless forbidding formal friendless frigid frosty gapped guarded haughty heartless hebetudinous heedless high high up homeless hopeless icy impassive impersonal in a stupor in the air in the clouds inaccessible incoherent inconsistent incurious indifferent insouciant insular introverted isolated kithless languid lethargic listless lone lonely lonesome mindless modest nonadherent nonadhesive nonchalant noncoherent noncohesive numb numbed off offish on high on stilts on the peak on tiptoe open over overhead passive phlegmatic pluckless private proud regardless remote remotely removed repressed reserved resigned restrained reticent retiring rootless seclusive separate separated shrinking single-handed skyward slack sluggish solitary solo soporific spiritless spunkless standoff standoffish stoic stolid straight up stupefied subdued supercilious supine suppressed tenuous tiptoe to the zenith torpid unabetted unaccompanied unadhesive unaffable unaided unapproachable unassisted unattended unbending uncaring uncoherent uncohesive uncompanionable unconcerned uncongenial unconnected undemonstrative unescorted unexpansive unfriendly ungenial uninquiring uninterested uninvolved unjoined unmindful unresponsive unseconded unsociable unsocial unsupported unsympathetic untenacious up upstairs upward upwards withdrawn


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