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1. (a.) Pleasing, either to the mind or senses; pleasant; grateful; as, agreeable manners or remarks; an agreeable person; fruit agreeable to the taste.

2. (a.) Willing; ready to agree or consent.

3. (a.) Agreeing or suitable; conformable; correspondent; concordant; adapted; -- followed by to, rarely by with.

4. (a.) In pursuance, conformity, or accordance; -- in this sense used adverbially for agreeably; as, agreeable to the order of the day, the House took up the report.

Junoesque OK abject acceptable accepting accommodating accommodative accordant achingly sweet acquiescent admissible adorable affable affirmative agreeable agreeable-sounding agreeing akin alacritous all right alright ambrosial amenable amiable amicable amply endowed answerable appealing appetizing approving ardent ariose arioso assenting at one attentive attractive attuned becoming benevolent benign benignant blissful bonhomous bonny braw brotherly built built for comfort buxom callipygian callipygous canorous cantabile catchy cheerful civil coexistent coexisting coherent coincident coinciding comely commensurate compatible complaisant compliable compliant complying concordant concurring conformable congenial congruent congruous consentaneous consentient consenting considerate consistent consonant content cooperating cooperative cordial correspondent corresponding courteous curvaceous curvy dainty decent deferential delectable delicate delicious delightful desirable disposed docile dulcet eager easy easy-natured empathetic empathic en rapport endorsing enjoyable enthusiastic enviable equivalent euphonic euphonious euphonous exciting exquisite fain fair fair and pleasant favorable favorably disposed favorably inclined felicific felicitous fine fine-toned forward fraternal frictionless friendlike friendly game generous genial gentle goddess-like golden golden-tongued golden-voiced good good enough good to eat good-humored good-looking good-natured good-tasting good-tempered goodly graceful gracious grateful gratifying gustable gusty harmonious heart-warming heedful helpful honeyed in accord in agreement in concert in favor in rapport in sync in synchronization in the mind in the mood in tune inaccordance inclined indulgent inharmony juicy kind kindly lenient likable like-minded likely lovable lovely to behold luscious lush melic mellifluent mellifluous mellisonant mellow melodic melodious mild minded mindful mindful of others mouth-watering music-flowing music-like musical nectareous nectarous neighborlike neighborly nice nondissenting nonresistant nonresisting nonresistive nothing loath obedient obliging of a piece of gourmet quality of like mind of one mind okay on all fours overindulgent overpermissive palatable passable passive peaceable peaceful permissive personable pleasant pleasant-sounding pleasing pleasurable pleasure-giving pleasureful pliant pneumatic polite positive predisposed presentable prompt prone proportionate provocative quick ratifying ready ready and willing receptive reconcilable regardful resigned respectful responsive rewarding


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