(a. & adv.) In eager desire; eager; astir.

advertent agape aghast alacritous alert all agog all ears all eyes amazed animated anticipant anticipating anticipative anticipatory anxious aquiver ardent aroused assiduous astonished astounded at gaze athirst atingle attentive atwitter avid awaiting aware awed awestruck beguiled bewildered bewitched breathless burning with curiosity bursting bursting to captivated careful carried away certain concentrated confident confounded conscious consumed with curiosity curious desirous diligent dumbfounded dumbstruck eager earnest ebullient effervescent enchanted enraptured enravished enthralled enthusiastic entranced excited exhilarated expectant expecting fascinated finical finicking finicky fired flabbergasted forearmed forestalling forewarned forward full of life galvanized gaping gauping gazing ghoulish gossipy heedful high hopeful hopped up hypnotized impassioned impatient in anticipation in awe in awe of in expectation inflamed inquiring inquisitive intense intent intentive interested itchy keen keyed up lathered up lively looking for looking forward to lost in wonder manic marveling mesmerized meticulous mindful morbid morbidly curious moved nice niggling not surprised observant observing on the ball on the job open-eared open-eyed openmouthed optimistic overcurious overwhelmed panting popeyed prepared prompt prurient puzzled quick quizzical rapt in wonder raring to ready ready and willing ready to burst regardful restive roused sanguine scopophiliac spellbound spirited staggered staring steamed up stimulated stirred stirred up stupefied supercurious sure surprised thirsty thrilled thunderstruck tingling tingly turned-on under a charm unsurprised vital vivacious vivid voyeuristic waiting waiting for watchful watching for whipped up wide-eyed wonder-struck wondering worked up wrought up yeasty zestful


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