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1. (v. t.) To heap or collect into a ball or a mass; as, to agglomerate a ball of paper towels\.

2. (v. i.) To collect in a mass.

3. (a.) Alt. of Agglomerated.

4. (n.) A collection or mass.

5. (n.) A mass of angular volcanic fragments united by heat; -- distinguished from conglomerate.

accouple accrue advance agglomerate agglutinate aggregate aggroup amass appreciate articulate assemble associate backlog balloon band batch bloat bond boom bracket breed bridge bridge over bring together broaden bulk bunch bunch together bunch up cement chain clap together clump cluster collect colligate collocate combine compare compile comprise concatenate conglobulate conglomerate conjoin conjugate connect copulate corral couple cover crescendo cull cumulate develop dig up draw together dredge up drive together embrace encompass fund gain gain strength garner garner up gather gather in gather into barns gather together get ahead get in get together glean glue go up group grow grub grub up heap heap up hide hive hoard hoard up hold include increase intensify join juxtapose keep knot lay away lay by lay down lay in lay together lay up league link lump together make up marry marshal mass match merge mobilize mount multiply muster pair partner pick pick up piece together pile pile up pluck proliferate put away put together put up raise rake up rally rise roll into one roll up round up run up save save up scare up scrape together scrape up secrete shoot up snowball solder span splice spread squirrel squirrel away stick together stock stock up stockpile store store up strengthen swell take in take up tape tie treasure treasure up unify unite wax weld whip in widen yoke


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