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1. (n.) Confirmation; ratification; confirmation of a voidable act.

2. (n.) A strong declaration; affirmation.

CD IOU John Hancock MO OK acceptance bill acceptation acception accession accord acknowledgment acquiescence acquisition adherence admiration admission admittance adoption affiliation affirmance affirmation affirmative affirmative voice agreement agreement in principle allowance appreciation approbation approval assent assentation assumption authentication authorization avowal aye bank acceptance bank check baptism bill bill of draft bill of exchange blank check blessing certificate certificate of deposit certification certified check check checkbook cheque clemency clementness comfort commercial paper compassion complaisance compliance composure concession concurrence confession confirmation connivance consent content contentedness contentment countenance countersignature debenture declaration deference demand bill demand draft derivation draft due bill eagerness ease easiness easygoingness embracement endorsement endurance enlistment enrollment entire satisfaction espousal esteem euphoria exchequer bill favor favorable vote forbearance forbearing forbearingness fortitude fulfillment general agreement gentleness getting go-ahead green light happiness hearty assent homage humaneness humanity immission imprimatur inauguration induction indulgence initiation installation instatement intromission investiture kneeling laxness lenience leniency lenientness lenity letter of credit long-sufferance long-suffering longanimity mercifulness mercy mildness moderateness money order negotiable instrument nod nonopposal nonopposition nonresistance notarization note note of hand obedience obeisance okay ordination paper passiveness passivity patience patience of Job patientness peace of mind permission perseverance pity postal order profession promissory note promptitude promptness ratification readiness receipt receival received meaning receiving reception recognition reconcilement reconciliation resignation resignedness respect rubber stamp sanction satisfaction seal seal of approval self-control sight bill sight draft sigil signature signet softness stamp stamp of approval stoicism subjection submission submittal subscription sufferance supineness support sweet reasonableness taking tenderness the nod time bill time draft tolerance toleration trade acceptance treasury bill ungrudgingness unloathness unreluctance usage validation visa vise voice vote voucher waiting game waiting it out warm assent warrant welcome well-being willingness yea yea vote yielding


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