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1. (n.) Adoption; association or reception as a member in or of the same family or society.

2. (n.) The establishment or ascertaining of parentage; the assignment of a child, as a bastard, to its father; filiation.

3. (n.) Connection in the way of descent.

Americanization Anschluss acceptance accord acculturation addition adjunct admission adoption affairs affinity agglomeration aggregation agnation agreement alignment alliance amalgamation ancestry apparentation approximation assemblage assimilation association birth blend blending blood blood relationship bloodline body bond branch breed brotherhood brothership cabal cahoots cartel centralization church citizenship by naturalization citizenship papers closeness coadunation coalescence coalition cognation colleagueship collegialism collegiality combination combine combo common ancestry common descent communion community companionship company composition comradeship confederacy confederation confraternity congeries conglomeration conjugation conjunction connectedness connection consanguinity consociation consolidation conspiracy contiguity contrariety cooperation copartnership copartnery cousinhood cousinship culture shock dealings deduction denomination derivation descent direct line disjunction distaff side division ecumenism embodiment embracement enation encompassment enosis espousal extraction faction family fatherhood federalization federation fellowship female line filiation fraternalism fraternity fraternization freemasonry fusion group homology hookup house inclusion incorporation integration intercourse intimacy junction junta kindred kinship league liaison line line of descent lineage link linkage linking male line marriage maternity matrilineage matriliny matrisib matrocliny meld melding membership merger motherhood mutual attraction nationalization naturalization naturalized citizenship nearness offshoot order organization package package deal papers partaking participation partnership party paternity patrilineage patriliny patrisib patrocliny persuasion phylum propinquity proximity race rapport relatedness relation relations relationship religious order schism school sect sectarism seed segment sept sharing sibship side similarity sisterhood sistership society sodality solidification sorority spear side spindle side stem stirps stock strain succession sword side sympathy syncretism syndication syneresis synthesis tie tie-in tie-up ties of blood unification union variety version wedding


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