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Amor Christian love Eros Platonic love abnormality access acute disease admiration adoration adore affect affectionateness affections affective faculty affectivity affliction agape ailment allergic disease allergy amativeness amorousness ardency ardor atrophy attachment attack attention attribute bacterial disease bent bias birth defect blight bodily love brotherly love cardiovascular disease caritas character characteristic charity chronic disease circulatory disease complaint complication concern condition congenital defect conjugal love crush defect deficiency disease deformity degenerative disease demonstrativeness derangement desire devotion disability disease disorder distemper disturbance doting ecstasy emotion emotional charge emotional life emotional shade emotions enchantment endemic endemic disease endocrine disease enjoying epidemic disease experience faculty faithful love fancy feature feeling feeling tone feelings fervor finer feelings flame fondness foreboding free love free-lovism functional disease fungus disease gastrointestinal disease genetic disease goatishness goodwill gust gusto gut reaction handicap heart heartthrob hereditary disease hero worship high regard horniness iatrogenic disease idolatry idolism idolization ill illness impression indisposition infatuation infectious disease infirmity interest lasciviousness leaning libido like likes liking love lovelornness lovemaking lovesickness malady malaise mark married love morbidity morbus muscular disease neurological disease nutritional disease occupational disease organic disease pandemic disease paroxysm passion passions pathological condition pathology penchant physical love plant disease popular regard popularity predilection presentiment profound sense propensity property protozoan disease psychosomatic disease rapture reaction regard relish respiratory disease response rockiness romanticism savor secondary disease seediness sensation sense sensibilities sentiment sentimentality sentiments sex sexiness sexual love shine sickishness sickness signs spell spiritual love susceptibilities susceptibility sympathies sympathy symptomatology symptomology symptoms syndrome taste tender feeling tender passion tender susceptibilities tenderness the pip trait truelove turn undercurrent urogenital disease uxoriousness virtue virus disease warmth wasting disease weakness worm disease worship yearning


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