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1. (n.) That which happens without design; chance; hazard; hap; hence, chance of danger or loss.

2. (n.) Risk; danger; peril.

3. (n.) The encountering of risks; hazardous and striking enterprise; a bold undertaking, in which hazards are to be encountered, and the issue is staked upon unforeseen events; a daring feat.

4. (n.) A remarkable occurrence; a striking event; a stirring incident; as, the adventures of one's life.

5. (n.) A mercantile or speculative enterprise of hazard; a venture; a shipment by a merchant on his own account.

6. (n.) To risk, or hazard; jeopard; to venture.

7. (n.) To venture upon; to run the risk of; to dare.

8. (v. i.) To try the chance; to take the risk.

Clio accomplished fact accomplishment achievement act acta action adventures affair annals aristeia autobiography bet biographical sketch biography blow bold stroke case history casualty chance chance hit chronicle chronicles chronology circumstance confessions contingency contingent coup curriculum vitae danger dare dealings deed diary doing doings effort emprise endanger endeavor enterprise episode escapade event expedition experience experiences exploit exploration fact fait accompli feat fluke fortuity fortunes freak accident gamble gest go hagiography hagiology hand handiwork hap happening happenstance hazard heroic act historiography history imperil incident jeopardize job journal legend life life and letters life story long odds long shot lucky shot maneuver martyrology matter of fact measure memoir memoirs memorabilia memorial memorials mission move necrology obituary occasion occurrence operation overt act particular passage performance peril phenomenon photobiography pilgrimage proceeding production profile punt quest reality record res gestae resume risk speculation stake step story stroke stunt theory of history thing thing done threaten tour de force transaction turn turn of events undertaking venture wager waver work works


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