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abatement of differences accommodation accord act between adjustment advantageous purchase advise with agree agree to agreement allow for anticipate arbitrate arrange arrangement bargain for barter beat down bid bid for binding agreement blind bargain bond buy call in cartel chaffer cheapen collective agreement collogue compact compare notes composition compromise concession confer confer with consortium consult consult with contract convention cop-out counsel count on covenant covenant of salt deal deliberate desertion of principle dicker discuss discuss with do a deal drive a bargain employment contract engage evasion of responsibility exchange exchange observations exchange views expect foresee formal agreement give-and-take giveaway giving way go between good buy good deal good pennyworth haggle hard bargain have conversations higgle hold conference horse trade huckster intercede intermediate interpose intervene ironclad agreement jew down judge legal agreement legal contract make a deal make terms mediate meet halfway moderate mutual agreement mutual concession negotiate outbid pact paction palaver palter parley pennyworth powwow promise protocol put heads together reason with refer to referee represent settlement sit down together sit down with steal step in stipulate stipulation surrender swap take counsel take into account take up with talk over trade trade-in traffic transaction treat with truck umpire underbid understanding undertake union contract valid contract wage contract yielding


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