(adv. & a.) Floating at random; in a drifting condition; at the mercy of wind and waves. Also fig.

abashed aberrant abroad afloat all abroad all off all wrong alternating amiss amorphous askew astray at fault at sea aweigh awry beside the mark beside the point beside the question bewildered bothered capricious cast-off changeable changeful clear clueless confused corrupt deceptive defective delusive desultory deviable deviant deviational deviative discomposed disconcerted dismayed disoriented distorted distracted distraught disturbed dizzy eccentric embarrassed errant erratic erring erroneous extraneous extrinsic fallacious FALSE fast and loose faultful faulty fickle fitful flawed flickering flighty flitting floating fluctuating freakish free giddy guessing heretical heterodox illogical illusory immaterial impertinent impetuous impulsive in a fix in a maze in a pickle in a scrape in a stew inadmissible inapplicable inapposite inappropriate incidental inconsequent inconsistent inconstant indecisive infirm irregular irrelative irrelevant irresolute irresponsible loose lost mazed mazy mercurial moody nihil ad rem nonessential not at issue not right not true off off the subject off the track out out-of-the-way parenthetical peccant perturbed perverse perverted put-out rambling restless rickety roving scatterbrained self-contradictory shaky shapeless shifting shifty shuffling spasmodic spineless started straying turned around unaccountable unanchored unbound uncertain uncontrolled undependable undisciplined undone unessential unfactual unfastened unfixed unmoored unorthodox unpredictable unproved unreliable unrestrained unsettled unstable unstable as water unstaid unsteadfast unsteady unstuck untied untrue upset vacillating vagrant variable vicissitudinary vicissitudinous volatile wandering wanton wavering wavery wavy wayward whimsical wide wishy-washy without a clue wrong


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