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(a.) Entitled to be admitted; that may be allowed or conceded; as admissible evidence\; allowable; as, the supposition is hardly admissible.

OK a propos absolute acceptable ad rem adducible adequate admissive admissory agreeable all right allowable alright appertaining applicable applying apposite appropriate apropos attestative attestive authentic based on belonging better than nothing certain circumstantial cogent conclusive condonable convincing credible cumulative damning decent decisive defensible desirable determinative dispensable documentary documented eligible enfranchised evidential evidentiary ex parte excusable exemptible expiable eye-witness factual fair fairish final firsthand fit fitted forgivable founded on germane good enough goodish grounded on hearsay hospitable imbibitory implicit in point incontrovertible indicative indisputable ingestive inoffensive intromissive intromittent invitatory inviting involving irrefutable irresistible just justifiable lawful legal legitimate legitimized licit logical material moderate not amiss not bad not half bad not so bad nuncupative okay open overwhelming pardonable passable permissible pertaining pertinent plausible presentable presumptive pretty good probative qualified rational reasonable receivable receptible receptive recipient relevant reliable remissible respectable sanctionable sane satisfactory sensible significant sound sufficient suggestive suitable sure symptomatic telling tenable tidy to the point to the purpose tolerable unexceptionable unobjectionable valid venial viable vindicable warrantable weighty welcoming well-argued well-founded well-grounded wholesome with voice with vote workmanlike worthy


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