1. (a.) Involving or comprising action; active.

2. (a.) Existing in act or reality; really acted or acting; in fact; real; -- opposed to potential, possible, virtual, speculative, conceivable, theoretical, or nominal; as, the actual cost of goods; the actual case under discussion.

3. (a.) In action at the time being; now exiting; present; as the actual situation of the country.

4. (n.) Something actually received; real, as distinct from estimated, receipts.

absolute admitting no question as is ascertained attested authentic authenticated being bona fide categorically true certain certified commonplace concrete confirmable confirmed contemporaneous contemporary corroborated current de facto demonstrable demonstratable demonstrated determined documentary effectual established everyday existent existing extant factual for real fresh genuine hard historical honest-to-God immanent immediate inappealable incontestable incontrovertible indisputable indubitable instant irrefragable irrefutable latest legitimate manifest material modern new not in error objective objectively true ordinary phenomenal physical positive present present-age present-day present-time provable proved real realistic realized routine running self-evident solid substantial substantiated sure-enough tangible testable that be that is topical TRUE true as gospel true to life truthful unanswerable unconfutable unconfuted undeniable undenied undoubted unerroneous unfallacious unfalse unimpeachable unmistaken unquestionable unrefutable unrefuted up-to-date up-to-the-minute usual validated veracious veridical verifiable verified veritable


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