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(v. t.) To dress; to equip or outfit for military duty\.

accouter accredit address administer affix allot ally appeal appertain apply for apply to appoint appropriate ascribe ask ask for assign associate attach attend attribute audition authorize bear beg beg leave bend beseech bespeak bestow bid bind blanket block bracket buckle down call for call on call upon canopy carry out cement circulate a petition cloak clothe cloud commission commit concentrate connect cope correlate couple cover cover up cowl crave credit curtain dedicate demand desire devote direct do dose dose with draw a parallel dress up drudge eclipse embellish embrocate employ enforce enforce upon enrich entreat equate equip exercise exploit fasten file for film finger fit out fix focus force force upon furbish garnish gear give glue go go after grind handle hood identify implore importune impute indent interrelate interview lay on lay over link make make a request make a requisition make application mantle mask memorialize mete out to muffle name nominate obduce obscure occult order outfit overlay overspread parallel parallelize pay attention pertain petition place pray prefer a petition prescribe for press put put in put in for put in force put in practice put into execution put on put to use put upon recur refer register relate relativize repair request requisition rig rub in rub on run screen scum seek set about set off shield sign a petition solicit spread over spruce up stick sue suit superimpose superpose supplicate take on tap tend throw tie toil try out turn turn out undertake urge use utilize veil wed whistle for wish


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