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(n.) An overflowing fullness; ample sufficiency; great plenty; profusion; copious supply; superfluity; wealth: -- strictly applicable to quantity only, but sometimes used of number.

accumulation acres adequacy affluence amassment ample sufficiency ampleness amplitude avalanche backlog bags barrels bonanza bountifulness bountiousness budget bumper crop bushel cloud of words collection commissariat commissary competence copiousness cornucopia countlessness cumulation diffuseness diffusion diffusiveness dump ease easy street effusion effusiveness enough excess extravagance exuberance fecundity fertility flood flow fluency foison formlessness fructiferousness fruitfulness full measure fullness generosity generousness glut great abundance great plenty gush gushing heap hoard infinitude innumerability inventory landslide larder lavishness liberality liberalness load logorrhea lots lushness luxuriance macrology manyness mass material materials materiel maximum more than enough mountain much multifariousness multifoldness multiplicity multitude multitudinousness munitions myriad myriads nimiety numerousness ocean oceans opulence opulency outpour outpouring overflow oversupply palilogy peck pile plenitude plenteousness plentifulness plenty pleonasm pregnancy prevalence procreativeness prodigality productive capacity productiveness productivity profuseness profusion prolificacy prolificity prosperousness provisionment provisions quantities quantity rampancy rankness rations redundancy reiteration reiterativeness repertoire repertory repetition for effect repetitiveness repleteness repletion rich harvest rich vein richness rick rifeness riot riotousness satiety scads sea shower spate stack stock stock-in-trade stockpile store stores stream substantiality substantialness sufficiency superabundance superfluity superflux supplies supply on hand surplus swarmingness talkativeness tautology teeming womb teemingness thriving tirade tons treasure treasury volume wealth well-being world worlds


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