1. (prep.) Around; all round; on every side of.

2. (prep.) In the immediate neighborhood of; in contiguity or proximity to; near, as to place; by or on (one's person).

3. (prep.) Over or upon different parts of; through or over in various directions; here and there in; to and fro in; throughout.

4. (prep.) Near; not far from; -- determining approximately time, size, quantity.

5. (prep.) In concern with; engaged in; intent on.

6. (prep.) On the point or verge of; going; in act of.

7. (prep.) Concerning; with regard to; on account of; touching.

8. (adv.) On all sides; around.

9. (adv.) In circuit; circularly; by a circuitous way; around the outside; as, a mile about, and a third of a mile across.

10. (adv.) Here and there; around; in one place and another.

11. (adv.) Nearly; approximately; with close correspondence, in quality, manner, degree, etc.; as, about as cold; about as high; -- also of quantity, number, time.

12. (adv.) To a reserved position; half round; in the opposite direction; on the opposite tack; as, to face about; to turn one's self about.

again aimlessly all but all over all round almost along toward alongside anent any which way anyhow anywise approximately apropos apropos of around as for as regards as respects as to at close quarters at hand at random back back and forth backward beside carelessly casually circa circuitously close close about close at hand close by close to close upon concerning encircling everywhere far and wide fast by haphazard haphazardly hard hard by helter-skelter here and there hereabout hereabouts in all directions in connection with in point of in re in reference to in regard to in relation to in relation with in respect to in reverse in spitting distance in the air in the neighborhood in the vicinity involving just about more or less most much near near at hand near enough to near upon nearabout nearabouts nearby nearly nigh nigh about not far not far from of on on every side only a step pertaining to pertinent to plus ou moins practically prevalent random randomly re referring to regarding relating to relative to respecting roughly round round about some somewhere about speaking of surrounding thereabout thereabouts through throughout to and fro touching up and down upon upwards of well-nigh with with regard to with respect to within call within earshot within hearing within reach


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