Books by King

A Classified Catalogue of Henry S. King & Co.'s Publications, November, 1873 — Henry S. King

A Daughter of the Sioux: A Tale of the Indian frontier — Charles King

A History of Babylon, from the Foundation of the Monarchy to the Persian Conquest — L. W. King

A History of Sumer and Akkad / An account of the early races of Babylonia from prehistoric times to the foundation of the Babylonian monarchy — L. W. King

A Soldier's Trial: An Episode of the Canteen Crusade — Charles King

A Tame Surrender, A Story of The Chicago Strike — Charles King

A Trooper Galahad — Charles King

A War-Time Wooing: A Story — Charles King

A Wounded Name — Charles King

An Apache Princess: A Tale of the Indian Frontier — Charles King

Away to school: 'Olta'gOO — Cecil S. King

Balcony Stories — Grace Elizabeth King

Bangerter's Inventions; His Marvelous Time Clock — Everett Lincoln King

Beach Scene — Marshall King

Cadet Days: A Story of West Point — Charles King

Campaigning in Kaffirland; Or, Scenes and Adventures in the Kaffir War of 1851-52 — William Ross King

Farmers of Forty Centuries; Or, Permanent Agriculture in China, Korea, and Japan — F. H. King

Foes in Ambush — Charles King

Found in the Philippines: The Story of a Woman's Letters — Charles King

Going West — Basil King

Laramie; Or, The Queen of Bedlam. A Story of the Sioux War of 1876 — Charles King

Legends of Babylon and Egypt in Relation to Hebrew Tradition — L. W. King

Letters from Muskoka — Mrs. Charles Gerrard King

Marion's Faith. — Charles King

Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada — Clarence King

Narrative of a Survey of the Intertropical and Western Coasts of Australia / Performed between the years 1818 and 1822 - Volume 1 — Philip Parker King

Over the Fireside with Silent Friends — Richard King

Rancho Del Muerto, and Other Stories of Adventure / by Various Authors, from "Outing" — Charles King

Ray's Daughter: A Story of Manila — Charles King

Remarks Concerning Stones Said to Have Fallen from the Clouds, Both in These Days, and in Antient Times — Edward King

Starlight Ranch, and Other Stories of Army Life on the Frontier — Charles King

Sunset Pass; or, Running the Gauntlet Through Apache Land — Charles King

Ten Thousand Wonderful Things / Comprising whatever is marvellous and rare, curious, eccentric and extraordinary in all ages and nations — E. F. King

Texas Gemstones — Elbert A. King

The Book of Fair Women — Richard King

The Conquest of Fear — Basil King

The Dust Flower — Basil King

The Empty Sack — Basil King

The First Book of Eve — Fowl

The Flag of My Country = Shikeyah Bidah Na'at'a'I — Cecil S. King

The Happy Isles — Basil King

The Letter of the Contract — Basil King

The Life of Mazzini — Bolton King

The Passing of the Storm, and Other Poems — Alfred Castner King

The Secret of Heroism: A Memoir of Henry Albert Harper — William Lyon Mackenzie King

The Side Of The Angels: A Novel — Basil King

The Story of the British Army — Charles Cooper King

The Thread of Flame — Basil King

The Three Voyages of Captain Cook Round the World. Vol. VII. Being the Third of the Third Voyage — James King

Theology and the Social Consciousness / A Study of the Relations of the Social Consciousness to Theology (2nd ed.) — Henry Churchill King

To the Front: A Sequel to Cadet Days — Charles King

Tonio, Son of the Sierras: A Story of the Apache War — Charles King

Trumpeter Fred: A Story of the Plains — Charles King

Under Fire — Charles King

Waring's Peril — Charles King

Warrior Gap: A Story of the Sioux Outbreak of '68. — Charles King


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