Books by George

A Bed of Roses — Walter Lionel George

A London Mosaic — Walter Lionel George

A Novelist on Novels — Walter Lionel George

Anatole France — Walter Lionel George

Battles of English History — H. B. George

Byzantine Churches in Constantinople: Their History and Architecture — Walter S. George

Everglades Wildguide / Handbook 143 — Jean Craighead George

Little Journey to Puerto Rico / For Intermediate and Upper Grades — Marian Minnie George

Plain Jane — G. M. George

Progress and Poverty, Volumes I and II / An Inquiry into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth — Henry George

Talk of Uncle George to His Nephew about Draw Poker / Containing valuable suggestions in connection with this great American game. Also, instruction and directions to clubs and social card parties, whose members play only for recreation and pastime, with timely warnings to young players. — active 19th century Uncle George

The Intelligence of Woman — Walter Lionel George

Where Are We Going? — David Lloyd George


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