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In place of quoting our own reviewer in reference to the "Thieme-Preusser German and English Dictionary," we quote a more able critic, Dr. A. Weiss, Professor of German Language, Woolwich Military Academy:

"Its very appearance is inviting. A careful selection of paper and type and a judicious arrangement of the work have made it possible to combine the two parts in one handy volume for the sake of those who prefer a foreign dictionary in that form. All literary requirements of our time have been considered. Without injury to the etymological point of view, the meanings of a word are grouped according to their frequency in modern usage, so that obsolescent and obsolete meanings can be distinguished at a glance by their position at the end of the article. The new German orthography has been adopted with certain modifications which seem to settle the points hitherto open to discussion."

This is not the book so long on the market, but a new vastly improved edition, and is certainly far and away the best of the moderate-priced German dictionaries.


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