Answers to Correspondents

Dear Editor:

I would like to hear about flowers and things that grow in the woods. I was in Vermont last summer. I went out in the woods and found a great many mushrooms. There are twelve kinds which grow in Holyoke.

Holyoke, Mass. Newton R.

Mushrooms will be added to the list. This is the first inquiry about them. "Naturalist."

Dear Naturalist:

I second the motion, made in the last number of The Great Round World by Willard P. M., to have a book telling how to catch, tame, and care for animals that inhabit our own woods. And I would suggest that these animals be simply described. We boys who are interested in our animals and birds are in great need of such a book; it would have helped me in any of the following cases. The summer resort at which I have spent several summers is infested with moles, yet for two years I have tried unsuccessfully to obtain one alive. Last spring I had three young crows, all of which died, not from inattention, but because I did not know how to care for them. Again, I have come across animals that I could not find a name for. For instance, last summer I came across two animals, one that resembled a shrew, another that looked somewhat like a mouse. Now if I had had a book like this proposed one on hand, I would simply have looked up its habits, would have found its name, would have known how to tame and feed it, and would have had a new addition to my menagerie. At least, I could do this if the animals were simply and plainly described as I suggested.

G. L. S.

Harold H. C., Cornwall.—The fastest large vessels are the new ocean liners. Several of these have made runs of over five hundred miles in a day. The new torpedo-boats can outstrip any of the large vessels for short distances. Several of them have records of about thirty miles an hour. Seals cannot breathe under water; they are obliged to come to the surface frequently.

"B. S." asks: "For how long are foreign ministers to this country appointed? by whom? and how are our foreign ministers appointed? and what is their salary?"

Foreign ministers are appointed by the head of the Government, and generally until their successor is appointed. Our ministers are appointed by the President; their salaries differ according to the importance of their position.


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