5cts. CLASSICS. 5cts.

The children ought to bless the spirit that prompted the getting up of such books.—Mason S. Stone, State Supt. of Education, Vt.
No. 1st Reader Grade.
2. Æsop's Fables.—1.
3. Æsop's Fables.—2.
11. Selections from Æsop.—1.
12. Selections from Æsop.—2.
73. Story of the Buds.
74. What Annie Saw.
2d Reader Grade.
1. Grimm's Fairy Tales.—1.
4. Grimm's Fairy Tales.—2.
7. Little Red Riding Hood.
8. Jack and the Beanstalk.
9. Story of Bryant.
13. Selections from Grimm.—1.
14. Selections from Grimm.—2.
20. Stories from Garden and Field. I.
21. Stories from Garden and Field. II.
25. Story of Columbus.
26. Story of Israel Putnam.
27. Story of William Penn.
28. Story of Washington.
29. Story of Franklin.
30. Story of Webster.
31. Story of Lincoln.
35. Story of Lowell.
36. Story of Tennyson.
42. Story of Whittier.
43. Story of Cooper.
44. Story of Fulton.
45. Story of the Pilgrims.
46. Story of the Boston Tea Party.
48. Story of Eli Whitney.
60. Story of Edison.
61. Story of Hawthorne.
62. Story of S. F. B. Morse.
63. Story of Louisa M. Alcott.
64. Story of James Watt.
68. Story of the Norsemen.
69. Puss in Boots.
70. Story of Stevenson.
71. Story of Irving.
72. Story of Pocahontas.
No. 3d Reader Grade.
15. Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Irving).
16. Rip Van Winkle, Etc. (Irving).
17. Philip of Pokanoket, Etc. (Irving).
18. The Voyage, Etc. (Irving).
22. Hawthorne's Golden Touch.
23. Hawthorne's Three Golden Apples.
24. Hawthorne's Miraculous Pitcher.
32. King of the Golden River (Ruskin).
33. The ChimÆra (Hawthorne).
34. Paradise of Children (Hawthorne).
41. Evangeline (Longfellow).
47. Rab and His Friends.
50. Christmas Eve, Etc. (Irving).
4th Reader Grade.
5. Story of Macbeth.
19. The Deserted Village (Goldsmith).
37. Othello, Etc. (Lamb).
38. The Tempest, Etc. (Lamb).
39. We Are Seven, Etc. (Wadsworth).
40. Ancient Mariner (Coleridge).
54. Pied Piper of Hamelin (Browning).
55. John Gilpin, Etc. (Cowper).
56. The Elegy, Etc. (Gray).
65. Sir Roger De Coverley.
66. Declaration of Independence.
67. Thanatopsis and Other Poems (Bryant).
5th Reader Grade.
6. Lays of Ancient Rome.—1.
10. Enoch Arden (Tennyson).
49. L'Allegro and Other Poems (Milton).
51. As You Like It (Shakespeare).
52. Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare).
53. Henry the Eighth (Shakespeare).
57. Lady of the Lake. Canto I.
58. Lady of the Lake. Canto II.
59. Lady of the Lake. Canto III.
Order by number. Each
number contains about 32
pages of choice Illustrated
Literature bound in strong
manilla covers. Price 5 cts. a copy,
60 cts. a doz., postpaid.
Dept. Z, 50 Bromfield Street, Boston.

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