Books by Anonymous

365 Luncheon Dishes: A Luncheon Dish for Every Day in the Year — Anonymous

88 Favourite Carols and Hymns for Christmas — Anonymous

A Brief History of the U. S. S. Imperator, One of the Two Largest Ships in the U. S. Navy. — Anonymous

A Caution to the Directors of the East-India Company / With Regard to Their Making the Midsummer Dividend of Five Per Cent. Without Due Attention to a Late Act of Parliament, and a By-law of Their Own — Anonymous

A Collection of Gospel Hymns in Ojibway and English / Printed for International and Colportage Mission of Algoma and the North-west — Anonymous

A Correct Account of the Horrible Occurrence Which Took Place at a Public-House in St. James's Market / In Which It Was Discovered That the Right Rev. Father in God the Bishop of Clogher, Lately Transferred From the Bishopric of Ferns, Was a Principal Actor With a Common Soldier! To the Disgrace Not Only of the Cloth, to Which He Was Attached, and as a Commissioner of the Board of Education, and a Dictator of Public Morals, but as a Member of That Nation Which Gave Him Birth! — Anonymous

A Dialogue Between Dean Swift and Tho. Prior, Esq. / In the Isles of St. Patrick's Church, Dublin, On that / Memorable Day, October 9th, 1753 — Anonymous

A General's Letters to His Son on Minor Tactics — Anonymous

A Guide to Cromer and Its Neighbourhood — Anonymous

A Guide to Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah — Anonymous

A Letter to Lord Robert Bertie / Relating to His Conduct in the Mediterranean, and His Defence of Admiral Byng — Anonymous

A Letter to Sir Samuel Shepherd, Knt., His Majesty's Attorney General / Upon the Subject of His Prosecutions of Richard Carlile, for Publishing Paine's Age of Reason — Anonymous

A Little Girl to her Flowers in Verse — Anonymous

A Narrative of the Melancholy Wreck of the "Dunbar," Merchant Ship, on the South Head of Port Jackson, August 20th, 1875 — Anonymous

A Picture Book, for Little Children — Anonymous

A Present for Infants; or, Pictures for the Nursery — Anonymous

A Short History of Birds & Beasts, for the Amusement and Instruction of Children — Anonymous

A Treatise of Daunses, Wherin It is Shewed, That They Are as It Were Accessories and Dependants (Or Thynges Annexed) to Whoredome / Where Also by the Way is Touched and Proued, That Playes Are Ioyned and Knit Togeather in a Rancke or Rowe with Them (1581) — Anonymous

A Trip to the Chain-Bridge, Near Bangor, and Other Parts of North Wales — Anonymous

Account of the Terrific and Fatal Riot at the New-York Astor Place Opera House on the Night of May 10th, 1849 / With the Quarrels of Forrest and Macready Including All the Causes which Led to that Awful Tragedy Wherein an Infuriated Mob was Quelled by the Public Authorities and Military, with its Mournful Termination in the Sudden Death or Mutilation of more than Fifty Citizens, with Full and Authentic Particulars — Anonymous

Advice to Sunday School Children — Anonymous

Aladdin or The Wonderful Lamp — Anonymous

Alice Cogswell Bemis: A Sketch by a Friend — Anonymous

Amusing Trial in which a Yankee Lawyer Renders a Just Verdict — Anonymous

An Account of the Proceedings on the Trial of Susan B. Anthony, on the Charge of Illegal Voting, at the Presidential Election in Nov., 1872, and on the Trial of Beverly W. Jones, Edwin T. Marsh, and William B. Hall, the Inspectors of Election by Whom Her Vote was Received. — Anonymous

An Account of Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen, and All the Recent Discoveries — Anonymous

An Act to Provide for the Paving, Gravelling, Lighting, and Watching Certain Footways and Carriageways in and Near Brompton Square / In the Parish of Saint Mary Abbotts Kensington, in the County of Middlesex and to Provide for the Maintenance of a Garden and Shrubbery in the Said Square. — Anonymous

An Alphabet of Quadrupeds / Comprising descriptions of their appearance and habits — Anonymous

Arthur Hamilton, and His Dog — Anonymous

Aunt Affable's Story of Old Mother Bantry and Her Cat — Anonymous

Aunt Harding's Keepsakes / Or, The Two Bibles — Anonymous

Aunt Mary's Primer / Adorned with a Hundred and Twenty Pretty Pictures — Anonymous

Bashfulness Cured: Ease and Elegance of Manner Quickly Gained — Anonymous

Bayonet Training Manual Used by the British Forces — Anonymous

Be Kind to One Another — Anonymous

Be Polite to All — Anonymous

Beadle's Dime Book of Practical Etiquette for Ladies and Gentlemen / Being a Guide to True Gentility and Good-Breeding, and a Complete Directory to the Usages and Observances of Society — Anonymous

Beauty and the Beast — Anonymous

Bellingrath Gardens, Mobile, Alabama — Anonymous

Bennie and the Tiger — Anonymous

Bible Stories and Pictures. From the Old and New Testaments — Anonymous

Biltmore House and Gardens / Biltmore Estate, Biltmore-Asheville North Carolina — Anonymous

Biographical Outlines: British History — Anonymous

Bird Stories and Dog Stories — Anonymous

Books and Authors / Curious Facts and Characteristic Sketches — Anonymous

Boys: their Work and Influence — Anonymous

Breton Legends / Translated from the French — Anonymous

Burning of the Brooklyn Theatre / A thrilling personal experience! Brooklyn's horror. Wholesale holocaust at the Brooklyn, New York, Theatre, on the night of December 5th, 1876 — Anonymous

Business Correspondence, Vol. 1: How to Write a Business Letter — Anonymous

Bye-a Baby Bunting, and Other Rhymes — Anonymous

Cactus Forest Drive, Saguaro National Monument — Anonymous

Captain John's Adventures; or, The Story of a Fatherless Boy — Anonymous

Carlo / or Kindness Rewarded — Anonymous

Cassell's History of England, Vol. 1 (of 8) / From the Roman Invasion to the Wars of the Roses — Anonymous

Cassell's History of England, Vol. 2 (of 8) / From the Wars of the Roses to the Great Rebellion — Anonymous

Cassell's History of England, Vol. 3 (of 8) / From the Great Rebellion to the Fall of Marlborough. — Anonymous

Cassell's History of England, Vol. 4 (of 8) / From the Fall of Marlborough to the Peninsular War — Anonymous

Cassell's History of England, Vol. 5 (of 8) / From the Peninsular War to the Death of Sir Robert Peel — Anonymous

Cassell's History of England, Vol. 6 (of 8) / From the Death of Sir Robert Peel to the Illness of the Prince of Wales — Anonymous

Chain of Colonial Houses — Anonymous

Chatterbox Stories of Natural History — Anonymous

Children of the Old Testament — Anonymous

Child's New Story Book; / Or, Tales and Dialogues for Little Folks — Anonymous

Christian Mystery: A Chinese Tale, Found in the Portfolio of a Portuguese Friar — Anonymous

Christians and Infidels — Anonymous

Cinderella — Anonymous

Cinderella; Or, The Little Glass Slipper, and Other Stories — Anonymous

Clergymen and Doctors: Curious Facts and Characteristic Sketches. — Anonymous

Clermont State Historic Park, Germantown, New York — Anonymous

Collins' Illustrated Guide to London and Neighbourhood / Being a Concise Description of the Chief Places of Interest in the Metropolis, and the Best Modes of Obtaining Access to Them: with Information Relating to Railways, Omnibuses, Steamers, &c. — Anonymous

Cotton, Its Progress from the Field to the Needle / Being a brief sketch of the culture of the plant, its picking, cleaning, packing, shipment, and manufacture — Anonymous

Counterfeit Money / The "green goods" business exposed for the benefit of all who have dishonest inclinations. — Anonymous

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon — Anonymous

Croquet: As played by the Newport Croquet Club — Anonymous

Curious Creatures — Anonymous

Curly Locks — Anonymous

Dame Trot and Her Cat — Anonymous

Dame Wonder's Picture Alphabet / Amusing Alphabet, Dame Wonder's Series. — Anonymous

Deadly Adulteration and Slow Poisoning Unmasked / Disease and Death in the Pot and Bottle — Anonymous

Defenders of Democracy — Anonymous

Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible / Apocrypha — Anonymous

Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front, 1914-1915 — Anonymous

Dog of St. Bernard and Other Stories — Anonymous

Doing Good — Anonymous

Domestic animals: a story book for children — Anonymous

Easy to Make Fashions: from Rochelle's Mohlon Orlon Acrylic Fiber. Volume B22. — Anonymous

Eight Stories for Isabel — Anonymous

Ely Cathedral — Anonymous

Emancipation and Emigration / A Plan to Transfer the Freedmen of the South to the Government Lands of the West by The Principia Club — Anonymous

English as She is Wrote / Showing Curious Ways in which the English Language may be made to Convey Ideas or obscure them. — Anonymous

Everybody's Book of Luck — Anonymous

Every-day heroism — Anonymous

Eye Service and Love Service — Anonymous

Fairy's Album / With Rhymes of Fairyland — Anonymous

Familiar Animals — Anonymous

Famous Islands and Memorable Voyages — Anonymous

Farm Gardening with Hints on Cheap Manuring / Quick Cash Crops and How to Grow Them — Anonymous

Ferdinand of Bulgaria: The Amazing Career of a Shoddy Czar — Anonymous

Figures in Verse and Simple Rhymes, for Little Learners (Second Series; No. 2) — Anonymous

Film Truth; November, 1920 — Anonymous

Film Truth; September, 1920 — Anonymous

Fires and Firemen: from the Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science and Art, Vol XXXV No. 1, May 1855 — Anonymous

Fishes, Flowers, & Fire as Elements and Deities in the Phallic Faiths & Worship of the Ancient Religions of Greece, Babylon, Rome, India, &c. — Anonymous

Folk-lore and Legends: German — Anonymous

Folk-Lore and Legends: North American Indian — Anonymous

Footsteps on the Road to Learning; Or, The Alphabet in Rhyme — Anonymous

Four Years in the Underbrush: Adventures as a Working Woman in New York — Anonymous

From the Australian Front — Anonymous

Gems Gathered in Haste / A New Year's Gift for Sunday Schools — Anonymous

Germany, Turkey, and Armenia / A Selection of Documentary Evidence Relating to the Armenian Atrocities from German and other Sources — Anonymous

Go to Cromer — Anonymous

Golden Deeds / Stories from History — Anonymous

Golden Moments / Bright Stories for Young Folks — Anonymous

Goody Two Shoes — Anonymous

Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet — Anonymous

Happiness in Purgatory — Anonymous

Harris's List of Covent Garden Ladies / or Man of Pleasure's Kalendar for the Year, 1788 — Anonymous

Highroads of Geography / Introductory Book: Round the World with Father — Anonymous

Hildebrand; or, The Days of Queen Elizabeth, An Historic Romance, Vol. 1 of 3 — Anonymous

Hildebrand; or, The Days of Queen Elizabeth, An Historic Romance, Vol. 2 of 3 — Anonymous

Hildebrand; or, The Days of Queen Elizabeth, An Historic Romance, Vol. 3 of 3 — Anonymous

Historical Description of Westminster Abbey, Its Monuments and Curiosities — Anonymous

Historical Sketch of the Cathedral of Strasburg — Anonymous

History of Steam on the Erie Canal — Anonymous

History of the 11th Field Company Australian Engineers, Australian Imperial Force — Anonymous

Holiday Frolics; Or, Endless Amusement for the Christmas Fireside / Containing, the Most Astonishing Feats of Legerdemain, and Astounding Conjurings; Entertaining Experiments in Various Branches of Science; Tricks With Cards & Dice. Art of Making Fireworks; Together With an Excellent Collection of Puzzles, Conundrums, Riddles, Charades, &c. &c. The Whole Admirably Calculated to Beguile the Leisure Hours of Our Holiday Friends. Embellished With a Copper-plate Engraving — Anonymous

How to Fold Napkins / Abundantly Illustrated with Many Handsome Styles and Diagrams Which Show How It is Done — Anonymous

How to Make Candy / A Complete Hand Book for Making All Kinds of Candy, Ice Cream, Syrups, Essences, Etc., Etc. — Anonymous

How to Solve Conundrums / Containing All the Leading Conundrums of the Day, Amusing Riddles, Curious Catches, and Witty Sayings — Anonymous

How to Write a Novel: A Practical Guide to the Art of Fiction — Anonymous

IBM 1401 Programming Systems — Anonymous

IBM System 360 RPG Debugging Template and Keypunch Card — Anonymous

Illustrated Science for Boys and Girls — Anonymous

Infant's Cabinet of Birds & Beasts — Anonymous

Insects and Diseases of Trees in the South — Anonymous

Installation and Operation Instructions For Custom Mark III CP Series Oil Fired Unit — Anonymous

International Bridge Authority, Sault Ste. Marie — Anonymous

Invention and Discovery: Curious Facts and Characteristic Sketches — Anonymous

Irish Wit and Humor / Anecdote Biography of Swift, Curran, O'Leary and O'Connell — Anonymous

Jack and Jill and Old Dame Gill — Anonymous

Jack Jingle, and Sucky Shingle — Anonymous

Jesus Fulfils the Law — Anonymous

Jesus, The Messiah; or, the Old Testament Prophecies Fulfilled in the New Testament Scriptures, by a Lady — Anonymous

John Chinaman on the Rand — Anonymous

Jokes For All Occasions / Selected and Edited by One of America's Foremost Public Speakers — Anonymous

Journal of a Soldier of the Seventy-First, or Glasgow Regiment, Highland Light Infantry, from 1806-1815 — Anonymous

Julia and the Pet-Lamb; or, Good Temper and Compassion Rewarded — Anonymous

Juvenile Sports; or, Youth's Pastimes — Anonymous

King Winter — Anonymous

Kitty's Picnic, and Other Stories — Anonymous

Ladies' manual of art; or, profit and pastime. / A self teacher in all branches of decorative art, embracing every variety of painting and drawing on china, glass, velvet, canvas, paper and wood the secret of all glass transparencies, sketching from nature. pastel and crayon drawing, taxidermy, etc. — Anonymous

Laura Middleton; Her Brother and her Lover — Anonymous

Lectures on Land Warfare; A tactical Manual for the Use of Infantry Officers / An Examination of the Principles Which Underlie the Art of Warfare, with Illustrations of the Principles by Examples Taken from Military History, from the Battle of Thermopylae, B.C. 480, to the Battle of the Sambre, November 1-11, 1918 — Anonymous

Life on the Farm; in Amusing Rhyme — Anonymous

Little Alice's Palace; or, The Sunny Heart — Anonymous

Little Cinderella — Anonymous

Little Crumbs, and Other Stories / Fully Illustrated — Anonymous

Little Folded Hands / Prayers for Children — Anonymous

Little Henry and His Bird — Anonymous

Little Scenes for Little Folks / In Words Not Exceeding Two Syllables — Anonymous

Little Stories for Little Children — Anonymous

Live to be Useful / or, The Story of Annie Lee and her Irish Nurse — Anonymous

London and Its Environs Described, vol. 1 (of 6) / Containing an Account of Whatever is Most Remarkable for Grandeur, Elegance, Curiosity or Use, in the City and in the Country Twenty Miles Round It — Anonymous

London and Its Environs Described, vol. 2 (of 6) / Containing an Account of Whatever is Most Remarkable for Grandeur, Elegance, Curiosity or Use, in the City and in the Country Twenty Miles Round It — Anonymous

London and Its Environs Described, vol. 3 (of 6) / Containing an Account of Whatever is Most Remarkable for Grandeur, Elegance, Curiosity or Use, in the City and in the Country Twenty Miles Round It — Anonymous

London and Its Environs Described, vol. 4 (of 6) / Containing an Account of Whatever is Most Remarkable for Grandeur, Elegance, Curiosity or Use, in the City and in the Country Twenty Miles Round It — Anonymous

London and Its Environs Described, vol. 5 (of 6) / Containing an Account of Whatever is Most Remarkable for Grandeur, Elegance, Curiosity or Use, in the City and in the Country Twenty Miles Round It — Anonymous

London and Its Environs Described, vol. 6 (of 6) / Containing an Account of Whatever is Most Remarkable for Grandeur, Elegance, Curiosity or Use, in the City and in the Country Twenty Miles Round It — Anonymous

Lost Mine Trail, Big Bend National Park, Texas — Anonymous

Macmillan's Reading Books. Book V — Anonymous

Manners and Rules of Good Society; Or, Solecisms to be Avoided — Anonymous

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